BRUNO BAVOTA: Mediterraneo CD Dronarivm


BRUNO BAVOTA: Mediterraneo CD Dronarivm

Kudos for the packaging that comes with Bavota’s latest release (a silk-screen envelope and dried starfish); it does make this limited album, that much more so.

The last encounter I had with Bruno’s music was with ‘La Casa Sulla Luna’, which I enjoyed fully; and it’s no surprise that that ‘Mediterraneo’ matches up.

‘Interlude’ opens up the proceedings with a heart-stirring array of piano and fiddle; that is as emotive as anything on his previous affairs. There is more than a touch of Ludovico Einaudi to Bavota; and it’s most likely this that made me warm to his work without hesitation, the first time I heard him.

I am aghast at the limited format of this album (there is an unlimited version but I would imagine with limited distribution). Is there some conspiracy out there, where rubbish bands get unlimited airplay and worldwide acclaim, yet accomplished musicians such as Bavota fall through the cracks? It is quite frankly, criminal.

Melancholic, with an immediacy that lifts the spirit just as you fall, the works of Bruno Bavota are nothing short of beautiful. I found myself lost in contemplation when I first heard his music and nothing has changed here with his latest album. ‘Mediterraneo’, is simply splendid in every way.