SELAXON LUTBERG: Cold House of Love CD Eibon Records

SELAXON LUTBERG: Cold House of Love CD Eibon Records

There is a subtle immediacy to this release.  I don’t like albums to mess about and this goes straight in.  It can be dangerous game to immediately throw mood upon a listener with no direct build, but ‘Cold House of Love’ is there straight away hammering the melancholy down like a marker and stating you are here and you are not leaving until it’s over.

It is beautifully bleak, rich and warm ambient that toys with droning tones like they are throwaway objects with a direct abandon that you desperately try cling on to as they are sorely taken away from you.  It’s this desperation that immediately makes you cling to Selaxon Lutberg and from the moment you are hooked you know you are not leaving right until the door is closed.

Space has been expertly composed here, there is no room for air within this album and is efficiently layered with precision at all the correct points where the artist wants you to latch on to his subtle changes in mood and flow.  It has a beautiful earthly feel and that is grounded leaving you staring theoretically into the distance looking back at a place that you are no longer part of and a sense of longing for this moments you once had; warm memories being your only friend that occasionally drift into sour realisation that you are sat alone and far from where you want to be.

A great ambient release, dark and light in equal measure; hope and loss in either hand weighing up which is the heavier.