DEEP DARK: Grey Motions DL Self-Released

DEEP DARK: Grey Motions         DL   Self-Released

Russia’s Deep Dark approach Dark Ambient from the traditional sense of the genre.  Earthly qualities run as an undercurrent and foundation to a multitude of layers that gradually build stylistically, on each of the tracks presented on this album, titled ‘Motions1’ and ‘Motions 2’ respectively.

The songs themselves differ; yet tie in neatly with each other as a pair.  The gritty fog that permeates ‘Motions1’ is drastically different to its counterpart; that relies mainly on pads and treatments to provide atmosphere, yet both feel as they’re coming from the same school of thought.

As a whole, Deep Dark do exactly what they say on the tin and deliver on the promise that comes from proclaiming to be of a specific genre.  Apart from a couple of variations (track two could be split into two halves for me and thinned out towards the end), there isn’t much more you could want from any self respecting DA act.


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