BETACICADAE: Mouna CD/LP Elegua Records


BETACICADAE: Mouna  CD/LP Elegua Records

Kevin Scott Davis is the man behind this multi-instrumental monolith of lush ambient dreamscapes.  The high pitched tonal opening of ‘Pahoa’ is a trifle disconcerting, but steadily collides into a mass of bass hums and layer upon layer of glorious washes of drifting sounds, with ranges of screeching harmonics crossed over gentle sub-textures.

‘Strange Interlude’ follows directly on from the opener and to be fair doesn’t capitalise on the dramatic structures of its predecessor.  The ghostly apparition that is ‘Seti’ goes some way marginally to address this and is bettered by the light ambient hums of ‘Gold Country’.

‘jjjjj’ is where everything really starts to come alive.  Here we feel once again the true genius that Davis’ has at his disposal, with minutely layered to perfection ambient drones and flutters of sampling that whilst has some minor irritating moments, utilises elements of genius within its lower key formulations.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with ‘Mouna’; I detest field recordings on the whole and Betacicdae revels in this medium more than I care for.  It’s the other elements of this project that truly add the essential shine to this release outweighing anything that I would normally abhor.

By and large, there is a fair degree of patience needed when listening to this album.  Best consumed as a whole is where it is most beneficial for the listener and the otherworldly operatic sampling towards the end of ‘Telerehabilitation’ is a wonder to behold.