WHITE BIRCHES: When the Street Calls LP/CD/DL Progress Productions

WHITE BIRCHES: When the Street Calls         LP/CD/DL    Progress Productions

I haven’t encountered anything by this Swedish duo before and have to say I am impressed.  With an album that is structured vaguely around the concept of a dystopian future, the music on display tends to do more of the talking; with an array of synthesizers, guitar, piano and decent programming skills that are utilised to great effect.

The vocal styling of Jenny Gabrielsson Mare is sublime; and riding the sultry wave of ‘Under my Spell’ draws on a track that feels like it’s been penned by Nick Cave structurally.  That’s not to say that all the songs tread this path; with more than a smattering of Darkwave and Goth overtones, that luckily enough are not too overbearing, with just the appropriate amount of application to halt it from becoming tacky.

There’s enough pomp here to keep the odd Kate Bush fan happy, without charging off into a sea of absolute madness; and there is also the odd nod at Bat For Lashes in minor respects here and there, for good measure too.

Overall, this is a solid release that’s been constructed well; and should appeal to a broader audience than dark electronica, given the right platform.