BARON OUFO: Dar Al-Hikma LP/MC/CD Quadrilab


BARON OUFO: Dar Al-Hikma   LP/MC/CD Quadrilab

Eddie Ladoire and Jérôme Alban combine the effects of old school synths and guitars here, with a recipe that sounds on paper that it simply will not fail to impress.

Early signs, as on the opener ‘Depth of the Prophecy’, are that their collaborative efforts should hold true to their word; as an amalgamation of thundering Dark Ambient holds a foundation for a wash of pads that fold amongst a wave of guitar drones and other FX. There is a touch of late 70’s DIY ethos to the song that is reminiscent of Cabaret Voltaire and the like, in the loosest sense of their capabilities; but evident, none-the-less.

‘Dhikr’ concentrates on a more simplistic format of layering drones and synth, in a manner that shows that less is more. The individual instrumentation is simplistic and would be ineffective on their own merit, but have been cleverly cemented together as a solid impenetrable stone wall of sound.

Whilst the guitar takes precedence on ‘Is a God to Live in a Dog?’ (in contrast the weakest track on the album; albeit decent), the closing number ‘Blessing and Worship to the Prophet of the Lovely Star’, capitalises of a rich and ghostly tapestry of synth styles that capture a cold landscape of reverberated drones and echoes; with haunting captivation and more of that embryotic Industrial aesthetic, that was witnessed earlier on.

Overall, this Bordeaux duo have created here, an album which stands them in good stead with regards to future output; and I for one will watch with great interest as to what they conjure up on future ventures.