CHRISTIAN SKJØDT: Squaring Circles LP/DL Tonometer

CHRISTIAN SKJØDT: Squaring Circles LP/DL   Tonometer

On Christians’ latest long player, we are once again supplied with an eclectic mix of high-end drones.

This lengthy two-tracker follows suit with a lot of his previous output. It’s a fine line between an invigorating listening experience and outright nonsense when approaching this kind of experimentalism; but more often than not, Christian manages to keep things on the right side of hypnotic and trance-like states to keep things interesting, should you have the due patience by the bucketload.

Recorded live at ‘Slow’ in Copenhagen in September 2015, it has taken quite some time for this work to see the light of day.  Here I can imagine a raft of visuals accompanying this work (or at least, I hope there was).  Either way this field of electronics always works best within a live environment.

As it is, it’s a sunny day outside and this surprisingly fits well with the quiet isolation that the world is currently undergoing and I did find this enjoyable overall.  Scoring this will often produce varying results depending on the listener. I however, found the rounded warm undertones that flow throughout this release, a softener to the soaring pitches that that threaten aural comfort.


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