DISPLACER: Astral EP DL Section Records

DISPLACER: Astral EP           DL    Section Records

Ever prolific, Canada’s Michael Morton has been exceptionally busy this year with a stacked release schedule; and this is his first for UK digital label ‘Section Records’.

Sci-Fi electronics permeate the EP, as expected from its title.  Opening up with the rich pads and chimes of ‘Merge’, dancing across a sea of warm bass and sharp simplistic rhythms, these do indeed meld well into the emphatic title track, as if systematically paired as one.

The mid-way break comes in the form of ‘Extent’; devoid of beats and providing a colder edge to the proceedings, with a wash of glassy surfaces made sound.

The rhythms on the urgent ‘Hypersurface’ rattle and shake alongside carefully selected notes the bend and weave into an end point of clarity, only to flitter away into their own dimension; making space for the slower paced, but no less effective ‘Redshifted’.

Morton has here, sealed off a fair few releases that centralise themselves thematically around space and associated subjects.  Once again, he has carefully constructed a collection of tracks that capture the very essence aurally, that most of us would envisage as the soundtrack to such concepts.