SUM OF R: Ride Out the Waves LP Storm As He Walks

SUM OF R: Ride Out the Waves  LP Storm As He Walks

Pace is imperative when producing atmosphere, many an ambient artist tries and many ultimately fail.  Sum of R appear to have their heads screwed on firmly when it comes to letting a song come into its own with the opener and appropriately titled ‘Growing into Something Special’.  Dark Ambience rises and resonates before a brutal assault on the senses crash through the speakers with a bombastic rhythm section to force the issue home.

‘In the Fields of Trust’ is up next and whilst being a decent barrage of blistering doom laden guitars and crashing percussion, lacks the spatial awareness of its predecessor and indeed the following ambient obscurity of ‘Mist of Tears’.

The remainder of this release, ‘Captured Lightning’ and ‘Alarming’, share elements of earlier tracks and although solid in their construction do suffer on the engagement stakes somewhat.  The acute attention to detail that permeates tracks one and three are prime examples of where Sum of R should concentrate their efforts in the future and whilst I don’t mind the interruption of guitar led noise, I have a penchant for all things black and ambient and this for me is where they shine (in the darkest sense of the word) brightest.