MLADA FRONTA: Outrun CD M-Tronic


MLADA FRONTA: Outrun    CD   M-Tronic

In a lengthy career that has spanned just over 2 decades, Rémy Pelleschi’s Mlada Fronta is back, reinvigorated and rejuvenated with a futuristic sounding album based on retro sensibilities (I am sure I don’t have to go into any formalities surrounding the arcade game, that is this albums namesake, right?)

‘Melt Into the Road’ opens this release with rip-roaring gusto; with symphonic blasts of reverberated emphatic synths and 4-4 beats, that are aplomb with the glorification of riding a highway of digitalised palm trees, toward a seemingly never ending 8-bit US Gold horizon.

‘Outrun’ as a whole has an essential childlike evocative euphoria, wrapped in escapism, awash with essential hook-lines and a crisp production to match. Full-throttle 80’s racing becomes a platform for (what could possibly be) club hit after hit; as Pelleschi never detracts from the concept, nor indeed the essential qualities that will surely have feet stomping on many a dance-floor.

There is a simplicity to this album, but not one that detracts from the technicalities that Rémy possesses and has displayed in previous output. Indeed, the electronic wizardry he has articulately constructed on other releases has set him in good stead, for producing an album that is not the norm for him by any means; and his attention to detail beats many an artist writing in this genre hands down.

Sit back, place one hand on the virtual steering wheel, the other around the shoulders of your pixelated girlfriend; and let your foot hit the pedal hard for this soundtrack to your childhood.