GRIMBERGEN: A Lonely Place CD Steinklang Industries

GRIMBERGEN:  A Lonely Place   CD   Steinklang Industries

The United Kingdom isn’t famed for producing Dark Ambient, and its nice to see that there are some artists from these shores getting releases out.  Nathan Clemence has been working hard at this project for some time and through numerous demo releases it’s good to see someone finally welcome this Brit act into their stable.

I was very curious indeed;  early demo’s had promise but there was always something decidedly lacking mainly on the sound front.  This appears to have been cleared up effectively upon first listen.

‘A Lonely Place’ isn’t a Dark Ambient album;  if truth be told it’s mainly just hanging around in the same circles flirting with soundtrack appeal.  The influence of Tangerine Dream filters through pretty damn strong and reminds me in part of the score to early 80’s mess of a movie ‘The Keep’, which sounded better than it looked.

That said I am viewing this album on its own merits and not what it reminds me of, which is pretty lucky as I abhor Tangerine Dream.  What I do like is the way Nathan pieces his music together in a kind of  John Carpenter way.  It’s simplistic, it’s not incredibly challenging, but it is easy to listen to and more credit to Grimbergen for that.

Personally though I would like to see this project use more organic sounds rather than early 80’s type synth, but then maybe I am missing the point.

An interesting debut with a niche market, that wouldn’t sit out of place with fans who like the music to ‘Escape from New York’; a solid debut to be taken in context.