ENNIO MAZZON: Xuan CD Ripples Recordings / Nephogram


ENNIO MAZZON: Xuan  CD Ripples Recordings / Nephogram

After numerous underground releases we have another album of concrete electronics released by Ennio Mazzon.  Up until now I haven’t encountered much of his works, so it’s good to get hold of a full release to consume as a whole.

Set as one long track this can be quite a daunting venture to sit down with, as is all works of this nature; I do like track markers so I can listen in stages, rather than being forced into one 40 minute plus jaunt.

As it stands however, this is an altogether pleasing affair.  Subtle analogue scratches, electronic bleeps and interference play lightly over airy ambient and drone-work from the off and formulate the main staple of this latest CD.  ‘Xuan’ is a lengthy journey, almost as if you are invited to take a long walk through a torn up wasteland of dust and rubble, searching for lord knows what.

I am a massive fan of ambient when it leans on darker elements and drone when it is utilised effectively.  Mazzon flirts with these genres well, applying glitch infused IDM traits whilst layered pitches of sound rise gradually with ease and grace; altogether producing a professional and engaging album that entrances and in some respects, hypnotises the listener.

‘Xuan’ will appeal to fans of all I have stated above.  Matching his peers, if not bettering them on occasion, this is truly one of those albums that encourage the listener eager to seek out past works; such is its underlying beauty.