NÉMETH: Koi 12” EP/DL Sonotope


NÉMETH: Koi 12” EP/DL Sonotope

This is the first release from Stefan Németh (of Innode and Lokai fame) under his own name since ‘Film’ on the Thrill Jockey label in 2008. As a brief soundtrack to the short movie ‘KOI’ by Tinhoko, this latest output is a revision of the original score.

Side A grinds its way up from the depths, with a pulsating Dark Ambient dust cloud which eventually collapses into a wash of resonating light drones and air filled pads, that glide to the centre frame and hold steady; allowing for a gentle heartbeat to flutter underneath the mix.

Side B, in contrast relies on space and silence for elements of its predecessor to filter through in different ranges; and whilst being more than competent, loses some of the ground that was previously achieved, if not rescued briefly at the end with a throbbing distorted Fennesz-like brilliance.

‘Koi’ is extremely limited. Just released on five dub plates in hand built packaging is enough to get the collector in me chomping at the bit; but ever so slightly aggrieved in knowing I will never own an original copy. I would personally have sourced a fully established label, rather than leave this in the hands of a format for mass consumption I thoroughly despise (digital download). Never mind.