DEAD FADER: Scorched LP Small But Hard Records


DEAD FADER: Scorched   LP Small But Hard Records

Released in conjunction with another album ‘Blood Forest’ (which wasn’t sent to me with this release), it would have been interesting to see how penning two releases at once panned out with regards to quality control overall; and apparently the two albums together do differ in sound.

Opener ‘Creeeeeep’ comes to life with a screeching distortion, interrupted bluntly with a crashing rhythm section and grinding bass, culminating in a sound not too dissimilar to a more electronically sterile EYEHATEGOD. Overall, this is an effective opener that luckily doesn’t meander on too much as to get stale.

‘1000 Test’ sets off in oompah oompah fashion, with a simplistic array of electronics and beats that fails to ignite the senses; and following on with the soulless ‘Dusk’ is a let down after the promise given by their opening counterpart.

The non-entity of ‘Danger Zone’ is an insult to ambient music, where little happens to engage the listener and is saved by the trip-hop isms of ‘Tubed’; that at least has a sense of purpose. ‘Ja’, thankfully has a blistering display of grinding electronics in its favour; with a decent display of beat play, that just manages to hold on from falling apart of the seams; which appears to be Dead Fader’s main failing.

As a project, I find DF infuriating at best, as there is much on here that could have been amazing if left in the hands of someone more competent when it comes to programming. The production is nothing short of shocking and whilst some individual sound sources are excellent, the sheer lack of compositional skill has culminated in a release, that is a disgraceful waste of vinyl when others are more worthy of the format.