ORPHX: Pitch Black Mirror 2 x12”/CD Sonic Groove / HANDS


ORPHX: Pitch Black Mirror   2xLP/CD      Sonic Groove / HANDS

Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey are absolute veterans of the scene.  Over 23 years they have perfected their craft, producing album after album of tracks that defy the generic.

The knack of grasping onto the older school of Industrial and infusing it with modern sensibilities is a hard one; yet where others have failed, on here Orphx make it sound effortless.

There is a heck of lot of ‘Pitch Black Mirror’ that screams Cabaret Voltaire at me; indeed there is a massive comparison to be made with the Wrangler debut LP as well on some sections.  Orphx of course do have the a smattering of the Hands approach to their music where beat production is concerned; so will of course always sound different.

Techno influences and Post-Punk ethos do surprisingly make fine bedfellows; and whilst the latter is not so glaringly obvious, its subtleties do add the essential DNA to the overall image and approach that makes this release a success.

With varying pace and form, ‘Pitch Black Mirror’ is a shapeshifter of musical capabilities that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat.  Whilst a tad repetitive in sections this is all part of the essential hypnosis that transfixes and engages.  All they need to do; is drop the squelchy elements to their rhythm sections, which tie them in with a fading noise genre.  There is much more than distorted beat to the sum of Orphx’s parts; and they don’t need the tag.