DANIEL RUANE: Lakes DL Proximal Records


DANIEL RUANE: Lakes   DL  Proximal Records

The opening title track to this latest output from Danny, takes us on a journey crafted from field recordings taken from an explorative trip around Derwentwater in the UK.  Anyone who reads my reviews will know I don’t care for field recording releases as a whole, with many just providing the sound source alone; and nothing more. Of course, those ‘many’ are not Daniel Ruane.

The blissful harmonies of ‘Lakes’ lure the listener into the abstract electronics of ‘Shatter’; a writhing mass of simplistic rhythms and bass that layer into a complex and steady surge; complimenting the light IDM bells and whistles of the obscure, ‘Hill’.

‘Glaramara’ is my favourite track overall, with orchestral instrumentation dragging at the heart strings; and providing a welcome shift in timbre between the staggered patterns of previous output and the shutter attack of ‘Gate’, as well as the thumping heartbeat of ‘Cut Trails’.

Overall, Ruane has once again shone a light in the general area of up and coming underground UK artists that go criminally under the radar in a lot of respects.  I just wish the majority of his releases were available on hard formats as opposed to digital only.