PRURIENT: Annihilationist CD Functional Organisation


PRURIENT: Annihilationist CD Functional Organisation

Released through Dominick Fernow’s own Hospital Productions label on cassette (yeah people still do this); and now via Tesco organisations ‘Functional’ sub-label on a listenable format, comes another item in the lengthy respected musical career of LA based noise producer, Prurient.

Seven tracks of pulsating industrial hums and black drones permeate the entire album. With a chamber like production (as though taking this in from afar) giving ‘Annihilationist’ a certain rustic charm, even this will only be appreciated by the most stringent of noise purists. It is none the less, actual ‘Industrial’ music in its truest form and regardless of whether this will appeal to the masses; it owes more to the genre than a load of growly demonic vocals over shoddy electronic beeps and beats.

In all fairness, I have a soft spot for Prurient; and even when not at his best, I can still appreciate the project. ‘Annihilationist’ is what it is though; a rough collection of tracks that still sound as grotty on CD as they do on tape. However, there is the undeniable allure from an album that compositionally feels very DIY.

One for the collectors rather than those who have not been initiated, there is still much on this release that any self-respecting Dark Ambient and Noise fan will relish (forgiving production levels); even if it doesn’t better a lot of Fernow’s previous work.