BONG-RA: Monolith 2x 12”/CD PRSPCT Recordings

BONG-RA: Monolith  2x 12”/CD PRSPCT Recordings

Eight tracks split into two halves “Alpha’ and ‘Omega’ we have the return of the underground D n’ B, breakcore, mash-up enthusiast Bong-Ra; I was pretty excited about hearing this album as I have a lot of time for his releases.

Tracks one to four are nothing short of a colossal barrage of mid paced Hip-Hop like rhythmical breaks, beautifully composed into a clever mash of razor-sharp tipped beats with lyrical waxing courtesy of US rap artist Sole; there’s an almost apocalyptic essence to the subject matter and the end of the world never sounded so cool.

The ‘Omega’ section of this album seems to concentrate on the aftermath of the first half of this release; this is a Bong-Ra I am most used to with respect to the sampling of metal guitars folded perfectly into breaks and splatter like rhythmical mayhem.

‘Monolith’ is yet another prime example of why this artist has stood the test of time, one of the pioneers of the scene alongside Venetian Snares and the like, somehow his musical capabilities have transcended the very genre he has helped keep alive.  Yes there is an argument that there isn’t that much different here to what you will hear on many of his other releases, but then again there is nothing here that you shouldn’t lap up greedily; go consume.