KSHATRIY: Transforming Galaxy CD Muzyka Voin

KSHATRIY: Transforming Galaxy  CD Muzyka Voin

This is the second album from this Russian composer and is dedicated to the end to the technocratic lack of spirituality and modern decay. Quite.

What we do have are eight epic constructions that utilise Dark Ambient as the foundations to a mass of swirling futuristic, sci-fi like electronics that slot in perfectly with the albums title.

This theme has been explored by a number of artists such as Inade right through to Sleep Research Facility and such like; it seems to be an intriguing concept for a lot of artists within the genre and makes a change from some of the ramblings from acts that lean a little too much on their right hands.

There is more than a hint of the psychedelic on ‘Transforming Galaxy’; it is to be expected as to be fair there is little I presume (maybe incorrectly) that Kshatriy would know about the subject matter, rather than I suspect, some astronomical photography and scientific reports.  It does colour the mind with images when people see the universe in this light and of course this leads the way to dramatic concepts about what truly transpires out there in the nether regions of space.

All in all though this is a more than competent release; careful attention has been made to the building blocks of sound to give the tracks a sturdy base to work from.  This second album has more to offer than the usual one dimensional approach to the genre, with emphasis on vast soundtrack that more than conveys what it is trying to achieve; a vast array of impressions are given listening throughout, feeling like there is a genuine story being told from start to finish.