GILDED: Terrain CD Hidden Shoal Recordings


GILDED: Terrain  CD Hidden Shoal Recordings

Australian duo Gilded, provide an ambient and orchestrated release, infused with a healthy share of piano and other organic instrumentation; opening track ‘Velar’ is a prime example of this.

‘String and Stone’ provides an almost ethnic approach to the production and considering where these guys reside, a twinge of the aboriginal that counterbalances the gentle piano strokes of ‘Dew Cloud’; toying with Jazz percussion along the way.

‘Terrain’ does work thematically, regardless of its many varying approaches to what it’s trying to achieve. I prefer it when focus is placed squarely on ambient intersections such as ‘Road Food’, conjuring twilight campfire picnics where many a yarn is told; and following this up with the atmospheric (if not a little repetitive) ‘Tyne’ embodies all that is good about this act as a whole.

Gilded, have provided a good solid album that in many respects I enjoyed; any misgivings centralise with me struggling to get to grips with their general approach to writing music.  This is one of those peculiar oddities that I can’t quite place genre wise overall and whilst this has to be applauded, I simply can’t get comfortable when I cannot find any association.