JEFF CAREY: Interrupt-Decay CD CWnil

JEFF CAREY: Interrupt-Decay  CD CWnil

I have been around this business too long to not heed warning signs from press releases alone.  The words ‘improvised’ and ‘collective’, more often than not give me major causes for concern, as most of the output from these circles might as well come under the headings, ‘art’ and ‘wank’.

Once again we have a press blurb that collates a number of headings that ring many an alarm bell.  ‘Spacious shifts in timbre’, ‘Using a gaming keypad and joystick’, ‘micro-sonic constellations’ and the ultimate portent: ‘to explore the intersections of contemporary, electronic and improvised music at its outer limits’.

Blasts of crunches, whirs and squelches are applied liberally as various knobs and buttons are pressed and the sounds splatter out of the speakers as one nonsensical mass of twaddle.  I never have understood this genre and never will.  In a live action scenario it can be a quite entertaining as a visual and audio experience, but on record it never amounts to much and once again this offers little to change my opinion.