AMETSUB: All Is Silence CD Nothings66


AMETSUB: All Is Silence  CD Nothings66

This is the third album from Tokyo’s Ametsub and the first for the Nothings66 label.  Starting with an obscure amalgamation of cut up analogue Eastern sounds that fold into an ambient glitch, there was an immediate interest for me.

After the intro track ‘Utmost Point’, things carry on from where they left off and drift into the lighter ranges of IDM with ‘Rufouslow’.  The clattering background noises carry a purpose on a percussive level, as a foundation for a beautiful arrangement of subtle harmonies and pads that swirl and glide in a dream-like wave of sonic bliss.

‘Precipice Drive’ is a clever monster that utilises an ever so slight of hand electronic dance scale.  The gentle blips eventually fold into mini episodes of madness that gel hypnotic episodes of programming excellence eventually breathing a wave of ambience into ‘Lucent’, that is ever so reminiscent of Emotional Joystick.

Overall, ‘All Is Silence’ is a wonderful piece of work from start to finish.  The only negatives I can give is that nothing much changes along the way to detract from the course that this artist has chosen for himself.  However, when something isn’t broken there is no point in trying to fix it and as a whole, this is a beautiful journey where the listener wanders through an abstract landscape painted on a canvas with brush stroked images.