ABSTRACTIVE NOISE: Of the Adder’s Bite CD Abstractive Records


ABSTRACTIVE NOISE: Of the Adder’s Bite  CD Abstractive Records

Greece’s Panagiotis Pagonis’ latest release is a concept album based upon a character that finds himself trapped inside a giant mechanical world.  What transpires as he completes his journey is that the world itself is a giant woman in the form of a machine; all complex stuff it appears.

Story aside, the opening track ‘Outcast’, is a monolith of Dark Ambient with leaden percussion and baroque string sections that lead into ‘Machine Phase 1’ and ‘Machine Phase 2’ with consummate ease.  Everything gels together as a whole and the tribal analogue sections embody an almost Steam Punk aesthetic, that feels effortlessly Industrial.

‘Of the Adder’s Bite’ is a gloriously dark release that revels in its own fairy tale.  Whilst I am sure a lot of this album has been accomplished electronically, it doesn’t feel that way; and I am sure that it would attract listeners from a broad spectrum of genres and wouldn’t feel out of place on the Projekt label, or indeed the now defunct Cold Meat Industry.

To sum it all up, Abstractive Noise has produced a fantastic release that collects Neo-Classical, Electronica, Industrial and Post-Rock and weaves them together into a cinematic tapestry of inky black seduction.