LUCRECIA DALT: Syzygy CD Human Ear Music


LUCRECIA DALT: Syzygy  CD Human Ear Music 

As a follow up to her previous affair ‘Commotus’, we have Dalt’s latest album that rolls on dramatically from where she left off.

Opening up with the frantic, yet sparse ‘Glosolalia’, hammering keys are interrupted with deep, ghostly, vocal infusions with machine head feedback and operatic structuring, that works effectively, considering the music is anything but Opera.

There is something remarkably original about Lucrecia Dalt.  Her vocals are beautifully trilingual (Spanish, English and Catalan) and woven amongst urgent ambient and fluttering bursts of electronics.  She carefully spins a web of obscurity that magically transforms into cohesive and palatable, almost pop-like tunes that sink into your head and bed down for the duration.

When Dalt settles down to actually sing, it’s a wonderful apparition of sound that complements her programming talents.  With an ear for layering and conceptual creativity there isn’t much on ‘Syzygy’ that’s not to like; indeed, she tampers with many a genre along the way, folding them all into each song as an individual smattering of brilliance.

It’s hard to pin down Dalt’s latest work into anything that you could describe in one quote; if I am to try, then it’s simply, “originally seductive and compelling” (and that still doesn’t do it justice).