STEFAN RUSCONI / TOBIAS PREISIG: Levitation   CD Qilin Records

You have to give it to this duo; opting to spend five solid nights recording in a Swiss church isn’t going to be up everyone’s idea of a good time.

However, that’s exactly what these guys did; and the results are surprisingly what I expected, with both musicians displaying an ear and talent for instrumentation, such as cello, violin and pipe organ.

Sonically speaking, microphones have been positioned to maximise on the aural qualities the natural ambience a church can provide, with natural reverberations seeping from the arches and pulpit. The end result leaves the listener engulfed in waves of analogue hypnosis.

Rusconi and Preisig both studied music at Zurich’s University of Arts; and it’s plainly evident from their compositional and improvisational skills, that these guys have been professionally guided and classically trained.

To be fair, this isn’t going to be up everyone’s street; but then no great piece of art ever is. Whilst this isn’t one of those releases that you can just pick up and play, it does provide a focal point for conversation; and a heavy appreciation for an album that on the flip side, could have gone so horrendously wrong.