GUSTOFORTE: Quinto Quarto LP Plastica Marella


GUSTOFORTE: Quinto Quarto LP Plastica Marella

Absolutely barking-mad as always, ‘Quinto Quarto’ is the second release of this Italian Anti-Pop group that I have encountered, with the extremely peculiar ‘La Prima Volta’ being the first.

Undeniably, this isn’t going to be to everyone’s palate; the Post-Punk guitars spliced with Jazz saxophone of ‘ Natura Morta’, to the vaudeville of ‘Divino Amore’ are completely bonkers from start to finish. Even when Gustoforte turn the notch down on the No-Wave esque ‘Maliiana Settana, it’s all completely unhinged.

Psychedelic and unrelenting, the only break the listener is given; is the brief respite of turning the record over, only to further encounter a torrent of sporadic torment. Gustoforte are novel in their approach and I am fairly sure there is a market out there that will completely lap this up.

Things become somewhat stable come the title track, where the guitar and beats even out onto a level playing field; of course, the saxophone, cat and mouse bass layering and general hallucinogenic structuring of the song materialise throughout the mix and once again as the track progresses it evolves into a barrage of lunacy.

The talent on display is undeniable; however the more OCD of us out there would benefit from this mob reining it in a little, because at momentary intervals throughout this album, these guys really do shine.


FABIO FABOR: Pape Satan LP Plastica Marella


FABIO FABOR: Pape Satan LP Plastica Marella

The occult isn’t a new subject played out on record; indeed many an artist has dabbled in the dark arts and covered it on many a release. Discovering Fabio Fabor, who by his own self -proclamations works within a “Dante-esque environment”, introduces the listener to yet another completely batshit insane artist to display his works on the Plastica Marella label.

Obscure B-Movie horror keyboards that wouldn’t be out of place on any 70’s British Hammer/Amicus classic; if anything else, feel heart-warming and familiar. The relevance of such music nowadays does ask a lot when listening to this album, but luckily there are momentary lapses in the psychedelic nonsense to appreciate just what Fabor is trying to achieve, when things quieten down a notch and some of the grittier ambient is allowed to gain prominence.

Overall, whilst being one of those oddities that I relish being in my collection (if not just for the blood splattered clear vinyl alone), this electroacoustic, esoteric mash up of disjointed mental states is difficult to swallow in its entirety. One of the more eclectic releases I have heard in some time, I appreciate the lucid states that Fabio must have got himself into to record this; and fair play to him if anyone else can lap this up, even if I struggled somewhat.


GUSTOFORTE: La Prima Volta LP Plastica Marella


GUSTOFORTE: La Prima Volta  LP Plastica Marella

This is a re-release of Italian Anti-Pop group GustoForte’s rare debut album; and set in heavyweight clear vinyl this was enough alone to make me happy before I even played it.

The Anti-Pop movement doesn’t hold much weight as a genre.  The majority of output falls into obscure art/noise and No-Wave territory and usually finds it’s home sat on the shelves of Drone, Dark Ambient and old school Industrial enthusiasts; GustoForte of course, will be no exception.

There is a touch of Haus Arafna to much of this Italian mobs work, minus the production skills and clinical execution of the tracks themselves.  Emphasis seems to be based on completely pissing about with obscure noises, that sometimes unnecessarily engulf what could be effective, should they tether it back a touch.

Casting their misgivings aside, GustoForte are not without their charm.  Some of the music they produce is so ludicrous and laughable that it’s hard to not like their releases, without fully understanding why.

If we ignore the label’s ludicrous statement that the band are “30 years ahead of everything you listen to today and everything you will listen tomorrow”, ‘La Prima Volta’ does capture this group at their best (even if GF’s best isn’t necessarily anything special). Given that it’s released on such a format though, is a plus for me all by itself.