EVA/3: The Great Divide CD Fich-Art

EVA/3: The Great Divide CD Fich-Art

This album’s been a long time done without release and its finally nice for this French-Anglo project to finally see the light of day.

It’s easy to see where Paul Lavigne is coming from, in fact it’s blatantly obvious to anyone with a set of ears.  Throbbing Gristle, Haus Arafna, old skool industrial aplenty;  but its not done  in that stupid ‘I must wear a uniform I am a fascist and machine music is definitely right wing’ way.

Paul has the lucky ability to come across as an experimental music artist that just happens to draw from those influences.  The Great Divide is a simplistic album, but no less effective for it, being one of those albums to sit down to and draw in.  It’s not a going out clubbing type of release, even when it gets brutally rhythmic and the only down side being that it’s a little short.

TGD is a ‘clean’ album. By this I mean it doesn’t over wash itself with too much noise and confuse the listener.  I like the way it  goes about its work proficiently without having to swamp the issue.  Guest vocals from Riotmiloo add an extra dynamic moving Eva/3 away from an album that could be incorrectly bundled into the death industrial camp at a whim, by those devoid of any musical knowledge.

As far as debut’s go, this has been some time coming, and I know Paul has more in store.  Good man; perseverance is the key and patience truly has been a virtue for this artist.