NAVA SPATIALA: Noisenautics Vol.IX DL Muteant Sounds

NAVA SPATIALA: Noisenautics Vol.IX       DL    Muteant Sounds

The press bumpf that attaches itself to this release pertains to this album sounding like a spaceship re-entering the atmosphere and landing back on Earth.  What we do have is two very lengthy and very noisy tracks that splice (vocal-less) Power Electronics and noise, that scatter themselves vividly over an ambient foundation.

Undercurrents of rhythm squelch beneath both tracks, but these are completely swamped within the ensuing madness that Nava Spatiala presents to his listeners; and whilst I have the occasional love in for such electronic brutality, it can all become a bit too much over the course of an entire album.

As a suggestion goes, I would like to see this project provide a little breathing space for the visceral shards to make more of an impact.  Break down the album into more tracks and add some quieter moments before the onslaught takes hold. I can see light within the barrage of lunacy that this album provides; it just needs reigning in a touch.