MIDAIRCONDO: IV 2xLP Twin Seed Recordings


MIDAIRCONDO: IV   2xLP Twin Seed Recordings

An ultra limited edition hand made collectors box houses this double heavy vinyl release, from Gothenburg’s pioneering electronica duo; recorded in front of a live audience at Svenska in Sweden.

Utilising a variety of instrumentation from Bass Flute, Zither and Saxophone; the coupling of Lisa Nordström and Lisen Rylander Löve weave a captivating web of sultry and evocative vocal talents, into an oozing mass of slow electronics; that capitalises on the very best of inky-black Jazz aesthetics on opener ‘They Fall’.

In contrast, ‘Higher’ pulls on a looser dance orientation, reminiscent of ‘Ultra’-era Depeche mode; that is offset with the light drizzle effect of ‘Sun Upon You’ and the ambient hums of ‘Solitude’, before the return to the Jazz interlude of ‘Closer’.

From the bitcrushed beats of ‘Veins’, the machine head patters of ‘Apology’, to the Dub infused ‘Panther’; the ever evident vocal talents of Nordström and Rylander twist and turn upon themselves and are the glue that gel the album together as a whole. Think, the rabid children of Bat For Lashes and Björk, with the genetic interruption of Halou and you would be somewhere close, coupled with the production values of Burial for good measure.

‘IV’ is one of those albums that covers a plethora of sounds and measures them equally, to become their own individual melting pot of colliding genres. It’s that impressive that I actually feel aggrieved at receiving a promo CD; and will be dipping into my own purse to purchase this in it’s correct format.