JOE EVANS: Elemental States CDr/DL Spectropol Records


JOE EVANS: Elemental States CDr/DL Spectropol Records

The title of Evans’ latest work is pretty apt and the music on show does indeed fit the concept. The Tibetan chimes of opener ‘Fire 7 Plasma’ didn’t entirely endear this to me as it my immediate reaction was to think of Z’ev (and I hate the majority of his work). In fact most of the album does concentrate its efforts on chimes and gongs filtering their way through the element targeted for each particular track (for example: ‘Water 5 liquid’ has the source sound of running water).

I have no issue with concept albums; indeed I have no issue with the field-recording base to this (which may come as a surprise to anyone who reads my reviews, knowing I hate the medium). Evans has ensured that each recording is utilised to the degree it is needed to convey his conceptuality on the listener (and therefore done his work well).

My main issue with this release is that it’s all far too similar (maybe that is the idea), apart from the ambient overlay of ‘Ether 11 Virtual’ (which he could do more of for me, as this raised his game). Overall, this isn’t a bad release, not in any sense of the genre with which it resides in; but it does have a very limited audience and only a small few will read through the very lengthy press bumpf that comes with it, which does explain everything in great detail. If you appreciate the works of the aforementioned Z’ev and such like, then you will adore this. My score just reflects how this isn’t for me, nothing more.