HELM: Impossible Symmetry LP / Digital Download PAN

HELM: Impossible Symmetry  LP / Digital Download PAN

This is the third album by the UK’s Luke Younger, this time taking the live route to recording an album as a performance.

Inspiration is fairly obvious from the off; there is a heavy influence of Cabaret Voltaire and Coil throughout, with factory sounding ambient, offset with a barrel roll rattling and psychedelic electronics steadily drifting into soaring ambience.

The thing I really like about this album is that whilst the influence is heavily laden, there is a sense that Helm has had the foresight to modernise the interpretation; as obscure as this is in parts he has had the good sense not to drift off into the utterly inane as say the likes of Z’ev would have done (and still does unfortunately).  Ritualism does play its part throughout this album, but the generous helpings of rich pads and electronic subtle rhythmic pulses make for a more cohesive representation of the genre.

As a whole this is a solid piece of work with a subtle balance of meditative drone work, rich dark ambient, cinematic electronics and a real sense of true industrialism; it won’t set the world alight but would be a good starting point of reference for the uninitiated.