ALESSIO SANTINI: Kenter EP     CD/DL     Elli Records

Textured and distorted guitar drones, heavily manipulated over live drums are far from a new concept; indeed, you could say the market is somewhat oversaturated.  Focus on the producer of such works therefore, is to provide an individualist take on the genre; of which, Santini does for the most part.

This 16-minute extended player is just about the right length for me.  With enough to make an impact on the listener without outstaying its welcome, as focus shifts from ambient textures to raucous displays of outright aggression at the drop of a hat.

All elements are swift and momentary to keep the attention span flowing well enough tolerate the obscure electronics that clatter haphazardly throughout.  Indeed the singularly experimental tracks are solid enough to admirably carry enough weight individually.

Decent, but not exactly ground breaking, ‘Kenter’ is a neat little 4-tracker that solidly slots into the world of guitar noise with relative ease.