JOKE LANZ: Münster Bern CD Cubus Records

JOKE LANZ: Münster Bern CD Cubus Records

Here we have an album from the man behind the pure noise assault that is Sudden Infant and it was this in itself that immediately had a draw for me in the curiosity stakes.

I have a lot of patience, more than most when it comes to experimental albums; the scene does sometimes produce moments of utter madness that I just have to applaud in its genius; on the flip side of the coin of course, this is let down 80% of the time by pointless drivel that masquerades itself as art, but in truth is utter horrendous rubbish.

So, where does Lanz lie in the grand scheme of things with this ‘album’?  Well, I am sure somewhere in there is a concept (there always is) and this evolves round him producing one long live mix that centralises around him scratching a number of aural samples on a turntable.  That’s it really.

This is a release that simply has no real substance for me; whilst there are albums of this nature out there that manage to combine some artistic merit with a sense of cohesion ‘Münster Bern’ just comes across like a random collection of noises and messing around that would only appeal to a minority of irritating thespian oxygen thieves.

I could imagine that sat in some obscure noise club, a short performance of this nature would be the best place to serve this and indeed I have been to such events where it can be quite entertaining; in the comfort of my home however, this has no place at all.