BOUQUINISTE: s/t CD Dope Records / Unguided Tactical Sounds


BOUQUINISTE: s/t CD Dope Records / Unguided Tactical Sounds

Moscow’s Bouquiniste light the touch paper from the word go, with the bombastic ‘The Day They Came’; with a furiously soundtrack driven, up-tempo barrage of beats and layers of pads that delve into orchestral territory; whilst fluttering electronics do battle in the background.

In contrast, ‘Awakening’ is the aftermath of a great war; where survivors of the destruction clamber out of the ruins, to bare witness to the catastrophic results and there is a feeling of defiance that erupts from the proceedings in a crescendo of swirling digital fusion.

Produced by Alexander Okunev and Anatoly Grinberg, it’s immediately evident that one half of this duo is part of Russia’s IDM enthusiast, Tokee. Many of the pad work is reminiscent of the latters other work, but this all adds to the familiarity; and ultimately makes this album a more enjoyable experience.

Bouquiniste focus their approach on being the musical equivalent of cutting edge weapons around the globe, based on sound. Evidence comes aplenty in the form of breakbeats and scattered blisters of spangling electronics; that flitter through as wave upon wave of cataclysmic destruction as the album progresses to its dramatic finale.

Re-issued under the new Unguided Tactical Sounds label in limited format, there are a further three bonus demo versions of tracks that are simply ‘untitled’ (and a further three mixes on the digital download); further adding to the notion that there is a futility in war, even if it inspires some great music in the process.