GHOST TIME: s/t CD Hinterzimmer Records


GHOST TIME: s/t  CD Hinterzimmer Records

This self-titled four tracker is the collective works of Ken Hyder, Z’ev and Andy Knight.  I always worry when Z’ev is included; with no disrespect to the artist, I have never truly ‘got’ what he is about.  As it happens though, in a collective like this, everything seems to mesh a tad more graciously.

‘Pastly’, opens up the proceedings with some resonating bass drones and echoing chamber ambience.  Effective for the most part this still does lack the impression that this is going anywhere, although it is competent.

Seamlessly rolling into ‘Another’, which loses its rich bass and carries on with the drifting and ghostly (quite apt I think) apparitions of sound.  Once again however, this does seem to meander along pointlessly without any hint that this may move on into other territories and I do like my Dark Ambient to provide some engagement; even more so when the remainder of the tracks fail to stray from the chosen path.

As an offshoot project this may provide some with a varying degree of stone cold entertainment and sonic hypnosis.  For me however, whilst there are strong foundations, the rest of building blocks have been swept away, leaving behind a desolate landscape of near zero interest.


PRSZR: Equilirium CD Hinterzimmer Records


PRSZR: Equilirium  CD Hinterzimmer Records

Here we have an Austrian/Polish combo in the form of PRSZR (pronounced ‘pressure’), providing an electro/acoustic combination of forces as a full live studio recording.

The untitled (as in all the tracks) first number spans just over 14 minutes.  What starts off well with its ominous bass rumblings is steadily approached by an arrangement of clattering percussion and clawing electronic scrapes.  Unfortunately, this does become a mash of pointless improvisation as it enters its mid-way point and once the moaning vocals appeared on the horizon I would have immediately skipped track if it weren’t for reviewing purposes.

There’s simply too much of this about for me.  A whole genre of ridiculous experimentation where people seem to collectively assemble all their kitchen utensils in a studio and hit pots and lids with spoons whilst making tantric noises.  I presume they dance in their underwear at the same time, under the assumption they’ve reached a higher level of outer-worldly consciousness.

Releases like this (of which they’re in abundance), never fail to anger me.  This just sounds like a collective array of talentless drivel with no structure or meaning; maybe I’m missing the point, but when it sounds like this, that’s hardly a travesty.


KIKO C.ESSEIVA: Drôles d’Oiseaux CD Hinterzimmer Records

KIKO C.ESSEIVA: Drôles d’Oiseaux  CD Hinterzimmer Records

This Swiss/Spanish producer drafts most of his electroacoustic pieces on a body of field recordings.  This for me has always been a dangerous game, considering most aspects of this approach to work fail for me in a big way, occasionally dropping into a mire of pointless timewasting.

Esseiva however, does have one saving grace.  Occasionally he filters out drones and harmonies, providing a subtle humming ambience that resonates warmly through the speakers.  This in turn works well, with cut and paste snatches of sound samples from glimpses of vocal elements, spliced in at appropriate key points.

A fair comparison of ‘Drôles d’Oiseaux’ would be from scene long stayers, Nurse with Wound.  Admittedly I have never been a fan of NTW and their somewhat wretched, constant pissing around; luckily though, Esseiva does have more to offer than many of the works by his peers.

Not to say that some of this album has its fair share of down points; as always with the obscure nature of this approach to music, there is a tendency on this release for it to drift off on a self-indulgent pretentious rampage.  Next time out I would like to see Kiko concentrate on his drone and ambient leanings, where everything feels undeniably more cohesive.