PETER ABLINGER: Augmented Studies CD Maria de Alvear World Edition


PETER ABLINGER: Augmented Studies CD Maria de Alvear World Edition

Germany’s Peter Albinger brings experimental music by the ten-fold. I was pretty much ready to tear the CD out of the player upon realisation that the first track is over 21 minutes in length; and consists of some of some the most deranged and manipulated flute playing I have ever heard.

It begs the question as to how you exactly top this? Well, the answer is quite simple; just add more flutes. Yes for a full one hour and twenty minutes Ablinger proceeds in providing more inane bastardised wind instrument torture, which is nothing short of pointless. There is but one brief respite where everything settles into fairly decent ambient; and that’s your lot as far as anything tangible is concerned. One of the most dreadful releases I have ever heard.