V/A: Broken Nightlights CD Suspicious Records

V/A: Broken Nightlights CD Suspicious Records

Hive sub label Suspicious is a purveyor of inky black night time music.  Evocative and desperate, this is ear candy for the early hours, driving long country roads, or long motorways in summer at dusk with only you and your memories for company.

This is a storming compilation;  simple.  Dark trip hop beats, IDM, left field electronic music; this album is as spiritually uplifting as it is soul shattering, throwing the listeners emotions around from pillar to post.

Artists worthy of note on this disc that I really dig are by scene stalwart Detritus, Atonalis and Beauty’s Confusion.  It was also nice to listen to tracks I have not encountered before and find quality amongst this, giving some hope that there are some genuinely new quality acts out there.

This is a well thought out compilation, and rather than aiming straight for the jugular, Broken Nightlights eases its way in and coaxes you gently, massaging your emotions with a rather large aural hug.