G*PARK: Sub 2xCD 23five


G*PARK: Sub  2xCD 23five

I have never really been a fan of Music Concrete as a genre to be fair, so upon reading the press release I was a little unsure as to how I would react to the latest release from Schimpfluch-Gruppe’s Marc Zeier, given that the genre more often than not is another badge for ‘field recordings’ (an irritatingly pointless genre full of talentless individuals).

My fears unfortunately, were not misguided; ‘Sub’ comprises of 11 pointless tracks over two CD’s utilising a collection of random sounds for those that like to scratch their chins and nod their heads to, whilst patting each other on the back in the name of art.

I really do have little time for releases of this ilk and even less time for the people that fund such projects.