ANDI STECHER: Austreiben/Antreiben LP/CD Heart of Noise


ANDI STECHER: Austreiben/Antreiben LP/CD Heart of Noise

It’s often I receive albums where the press bumpf has a lot more to say than the actual music; such are the nature of concepts. Stecher is no exception to this, with tales of characters wrapped in animal skins in winter surroundings; I won’t go on.

Instead I will concentrate on the actual music, which covers a wide area of analogue ambience and drones that grind out into the odd flurry of tribal rhythms. In a lot of respects the warm production that engulfs the beats on opener ‘(Un)durchdringbar’, assist in providing a modicum of resemblance of Swans in the loosest sense; and that’s no bad thing.

Tracks two and three are unfortunate gibberish flirtations with noise that make little to no sense; and lord knows how they fit in with the concept of this release. However, the final track ‘Tödl’, displays a maturity that blows away anything that has come before it; with ethnic slow percussion and drones that hypnotically stagger above the snares.

It’s safe to say that if Stecher could steer away from his nonsensical attempts at noise, he could produce something truly majestic. More of tracks similar to one and four, in the future please.