NEON: Ensemble Neon CD Aurora


NEON: Ensemble Neon   CD  Aurora

The ensemble Neon comprises of many an established artist, of which Oren Ambarchi is just one; and with its bright bouncing artwork and enjoying a lot of his work, I was more than intrigued.

This however, is an ensemble of peculiar and nonsensical sounds played haphazardly; and it all comes off a touch Musique Concrete (a genre I abhor).  Overall, it is a quiet affair that enables the various musicians to just randomly pic up an instrument and play something weird and non-musical at random.

Unfortunately, with this type of tomfoolery it lets down those involved and tarnishes their musical credibility.  I could most likely replicate this by getting my mates around having them hit pots and pans whilst one of us blows a penny whistle badly.

This is nothing short of a pitiful waste of time, effort and planetary resources getting this produced on CD.