THREE WINTERS: Chroma CD Termo Records


THREE WINTERS: Chroma CD Termo Records

Harking back in retro fashion to the sound of 80’s synthesisers, blending a Coldwave wall of shaded synthpop sensibilities; Kim Sølve (Blitzkrieg Baby, K100), Anders B (Babyflesh, Mind & Flesh) and Lars Fredrik Frøislie (Wobbler, White Willow) bravely approach music in a way that a select few would sneer at, given the chance.

It could be easy upon first encounter to question the relevance of producing music in this fashion come 2014. However, this trio have taken the sounds of a bygone period in musical history and brought it leaps and bound into the 20’th century with a bang, with the appropriate production values to boot.

Much of the album has a soundtrack quality that harks back to the Betamax/VHS war; and ‘At the Centre of Dystopia’ wouldn’t be out of place on the John Carpenter flick, ‘Escape From New York’. Unusually unnerving, the sinister elements of this release are massaged with edgy, yet remarkably cute electronics that are as engaging as they are peculiar; and the overall result is satisfyingly warm and familiar (especially for someone of my age).

Occasional nods are evident across the spectrum of artists that have shone before, such as Kraftwerk and the darker elements of Ultravox (minus the vocals). Crawling under your skin, harmonious pads are scattered with spangling chimes and simplistic beat structures that allow the music to have its own voice; and there is a magic to ‘Chroma’ that engages the listener from start to finish. Crossbreeding music that doesn’t sit well enough to be played on the dance-floor yet lacks the complexities of ranging ambient music; Kim, Anders and Lars have still managed to construct an album that will please listeners of both stylistically speaking.