VROMB: Le Pecheur de Noyes CD Box Nautilus/Spectre

VROMB: Le Pecheur de Noyes CD Box Nautilus/Spectre

Holy bloody moley there is nothing like good packaging.  This is purely amazing; An A5 card sleeve in matt black with silver print, topped off with stickers and a highly quality badge/pin all sealed in an embossed matt black box, I shouldn’t be surprised really as Vromb has always had brilliantly packed albums.  But this is stunning.

As with all of Spectre’s, sub label ‘Nautilus releases this has an aquatic theme and this of course is no different. ‘Le pêcheur de noyés’ tells the true story of a certain Roger Gerard, a scuba diver who searched for the corpses of people who had unfortunately met their untimely end drowned at the bottom of the ocean.  One of those hobbies that I can imagine doesn’t appeal to everyone; but everyone has to have a hobby I guess.

So onto the music; Vromb has always been a prolific, exciting member amongst the legions of dark and eclectic ambience circles out there and this release again is of no exception.  Brisk water like sounds and ambient elements have been captured perfectly and edged along with the use of harmonica and other pulsating electronic sub noises, with waves of oxygen filtering through masks that can only be described as that of the subject influence, scouring his way across the sea bed, in search of what can be quite frankly penned as morbid to say the least.

Where a lot of ambient releases fail is that they go on and on with no way out, forever drifting aimlessly.  This album has you half way through before you even realise you are there, being interesting enough to hold you and obscure enough to make you think, never once drifting down the avenues of boredom and such like.

An awesomely packaged album, and wonderfully composed; ultimately essential listening for those that require something new and different and unquestionably collectable for all the fanatics out there who have worshipped this acts previous releases.