FILIP GORECKI: Aura and the Dark Fruit DIGITAL DOWNLOAD No Type + Panospria

FILIP GORECKI: Aura and the Dark Fruit  DIGITAL DOWNLOAD No Type + Panospria

Canadian producer Filip Gorecki has given us here seven tracks thematically covering an inspiration fuelled by the mythos of the Pacific Northwest.

On first listen it all seemed a little uninspiring; ‘The Pacific’ opening the album with weak ambient strings and a vocal line that was as ripe as Stilton in its execution; ambient music can be a challenge and if your opening gambit does not convey the right atmosphere you can lose your target audience in an instant.

As it happens track two, ‘Gondola’ makes up for any misgivings; cold drifting pads, chamber like rumblings and spacious frost like sparks really capture an essence of presence and let me breathe a sigh of relief.

‘Aura and the Dark Fruit’ steadily carries on in this vein throughout the majority of the rest of the album with some solid use of field recordings and drones; whilst not setting the scene on fire, there are some interesting elements along the way.  My only misgivings are the opening track as stated before and some other clumsy samples later on; I also felt that in some parts everything was just a little too quiet for its own good.

Filip Gorecki however, does give the listener some stable introductory level ambience and some fairly surprising sci-fi elements; if he drops the incredibly annoying, cringe-worthy use of vocalisations and tweaks some of his pad work, he may be on the right path come future endeavours.