THE RORSCHACH GARDEN: 42 Times Around The Sun CD Bazooka Joe

THE RORSCHACH GARDEN: 42 Times Around The Sun CD Bazooka Joe

Retro returns with this sixth full length album after six years; An upbeat and none stop jaunt of all things alternative with a heavy lean on early eighties classic electronic pop.

Nostalgic but modern this is a genuinely eclectic affair and isn’t one for everyone.  With the pace of ‘DAF’, hints of ‘Devo’ and whatnot it pretty much says where this album starts and where it ends; this could be firmly slotted on a shelf between ‘The Human League’, ‘Ultravox’, and whatnot, the list goes on and on.

Some guest vocals from Dirk Ivens make an appearance on album highlight ‘Living in a Cage’ and there are some excellent moments such as ‘The Law of Wolves’ which is a slower affair with a resonating frosty depth to its structure that stands out amongst the 13 tracks on this album alongside that of the Memmaker remix that ends this disc.

One for purists only I will admit that as a whole I couldn’t warm to this album, there simply isn’t enough variation to keep me interested and while I appreciate nods to the past I found a chunk of this tiresome and dull, but that’s just me.  The standout moments really do shine though and my marking for this album is based on effort and the obvious technical skills gone into making this release  as a whole.  Its just not my bag and I like a lot of eighties pop.