TATTERED KAYLOR: Sombre Nay Sated CD Stasisfield


TATTERED KAYLOR: Sombre Nay Sated   CD Stasisfield

AKA: Tessa Elieff got First Class honours in Fine Art-Sound and has a fascination with sonic environments (not that the qualification makes a difference at all nowadays-in fact it usually hinders). This three-track mini-album utilises her obsession with field recordings and blends them well into an array of Dark Ambient that fluctuates with experimentalism.

Opener, ‘Waves’, flutters with obscurity folding eventually into a cavernous black hole, with deep resonating waves of engulfing thick air that suffocate and still the listener; allowing for subtle and inaudible spoken word to confuse and disorientate with ease.

The rainfall of ‘Taken to Booroomba’, sets a bleak picture where the natural audio plays out well to great effect (field recordings are rarely utilised effectively), and the natural ambience of the scene that is set, adds to the unnerving qualities of this release.

Closer ‘The Broken Return’, quite possibly utilises possibly the only natural instrumentation on the CD, with off-key drones that eventually slide into Elieff’s trademark rumbles. Whilst my overall impression is a positive one, Tattered Kaylor would benefit as whole from a bit more experimentation. That said; for enthusiasts of Dark Ambient such as I, this is more than promising on that front and well worth absorbing.