LÄRMHEIM: Cent Soleils 2xLP/CD Lärmheim


LÄRMHEIM: Cent Soleils   2xLP/CD Lärmheim

This is Swiss producer Henri De Saussure’s first full-length release and indeed the first time I have encountered any of his music. Things don’t get off to a good start though, with ‘One Second Before the most Blinding Light of All’; a ridiculously over-saturated array of electronic bleeps and blasts of nonsensical disruptive noise.

‘Deadeye’ in contrast is a much more stable affair, with droning ambience tempering the blast air sounds that sporadically come to the surface; and for the most part is satisfying when it is at its most serene, although this doesn’t last for long.

As experimental as ‘Cent Soleils’ is, it is a somewhat irritating affair. Henri is obviously more than capable of producing something more tangible; but on his debut has chosen to ignore any musical capabilities and opt for the ridiculous. This in turn makes the album all that more infuriating to listen to and I found myself skipping each track and onto the next, looking for some sort of reprieve. Sound exploration is one thing; but it doesn’t mean I have to endure it when it’s done so inanely.