SLUGFIELD: Slimezone CD PNL Records

SLUGFIELD: Slimezone  CD  PNL Records

Recorded live at the Oslo Jazz festival of 2010, we have three musicians who have come together to provide a purely improvised project made up from three schools of music.  Sometimes this can be an absolute shambles, sometimes clever, but more often than not can provide something interesting, if not altogether eclectic.

For sure this release is not going to appeal to the masses; the formulae of drums, vocals and off the wall electronics wraps itself up under the label of Jazz, however in truth there is only a minor element of this release that could be tagged as such.

A lot of ‘Slimezone’ will appeal to fanatics of Avant-Garde acts such as say Smell & Quim; more often than not just a collection of directionless sounds that sometimes teeter off and meander around the edge of the noise scene and this album hangs around in similar circles.

Projects of this ilk usually like to model themselves under the banners of contemporary art, making a statement against modern music, most acts who attempt this are sadly living under a misconception that their work is valid; Slugfield are amongst them.

There is some obvious talent hidden within this trio’s DNA, but unfortunately the agenda on this release seems nothing short of egotistical.  I should also mention that my translation of the term ‘Avant-Garde’, is ‘French, for Shit’.