PHASENMENSCH: Tagebuch Eines Eremiten CD HANDS


PHASENMENSCH: Tagebuch Eines Eremiten  CD HANDS

Phasenmensch was conceived in 2009 by Wolfram Bange and his debut proper (after a string of CDr releases), comprises of tracks that are based on the conservation, communication and reflection of emotions.

Veering away from the standard staple of distorted beat, the opening track ’Rotoskopie’ utilises a simple formula of subtle bass monotone, machine head beats and rising electronic swirls that ascend through low-end vocalisations and ambience.  There is an untimely sci-fi soundtrack appeal that is satisfying and rewarding with this opening gambit, flowing almost seamlessly into ‘Rogorismus’, with almost metallic feel to the electronics and programming; holding an industrial edge to the simplistic, yet effective concentration on melodic atmospherics.

Variation is the key to a good album and Phasenmensch has it by the bucket load.  Upbeat, clinical, distorted beat/powernoise (whatever you may want to call it), sitting comfortably alongside industrial modern electronica and middle ground ambient, smattered with momentary noise and dance sensibilities.  Bange has made the effort to display a full arsenal of weaponry at his disposal and is clearly not afraid to use each and every medium to create his vision.

Overall, ‘Tagebuch Eines Eremiten’ is an impressive, professional release that should shame many of his peers into attempting to step up to the plate, rather than sit in the stale bubble that so many of them have become accustomed to over the last few years.



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