LE MODERNISTE: Too Rough is Never Enough CD HANDS


LE MODERNISTE: Too Rough is Never Enough  CD HANDS

Le Moderniste has been around for what is relatively a short while now.  His last album ‘Tohuwabohu’ was well received and as such he has grown a steady fan base and indeed a rod for his own back in trying to better what he has achieved before.

Opening up with ‘Controlling my Subconscious’, analogue machine noise is tempered with what feels like analogue bass and is effectively an introduction to the ambient led, soon to become distorted beat ‘At the Edge of the End’, utilising the essential monotony in the form we have come to expect from acts such as Sonar.

I am in two minds with this latest album; this does slide into the HANDS ethos very well.  However, within the genre there is now a requirement that something different is brought to the table; too many acts all roll into one within the genre and Le Moderniste does little to differentiate himself from the mob.

Now don’t get me wrong, this latest release isn’t done badly, in fact it’s more than enough if you like straight-forward and to the point powernoise; with more than enough for lovers of Greyhound etc.  The danger comes in being able to pick a track at random and not be able to find anything that differs amongst the 1.2 hours you are presented with; which is not so much a frightening prospect, as one that just simply means you cannot be bothered to stomach the whole thing in one go.  Altogether, this is a release that is competent, but nothing that will set the world alight.



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