TOTAKEKE: Elektatote CD Tympanik Audio

TOTAKEKE: Elektatote CD Tympanik Audio

I have been a massive fan of Totakeke from the word go lets get that straight, so this has been a highly anticipated release for me;  I always preferred this project rather than his main source of accomplishment ‘Synth-etik’ routed to us via the Hands label.

In a word ‘Elektatote – The Other Side of the Tracks’, is fabulous.  Frank Mokros has a huge grasp of spatial awareness and always likes to situate the listener in a specific time and place.  His first effort ‘At the Train Station on a Saturday Evening’ captured the very essence of those summer evenings where the air is still and the sun is low; a scene we don’t see often in today’s torrid climate with our truly miserable weather.  It was pure escapism at its best and Elektatote had a lot to live up to basically.

I am pleased to say that he has hit the nail bang on the head.  Again.  This is the perfect follow up to the debut; the journey itself to your destination after boarding the train with thirteen tracks that seamlessly move and aid you along whilst you take in the environment around you.

The subtle folding glitches and electronics with flushes of orchestral movements and rich deep pads are strung together with a range of thumping and skittish beats.  Technically it should fall apart and is always on the verge of doing so; it’s this paranoid formulation that gives it the edge above many of its contemporaries.

The train has driven to halt, the doors have opened;  step onto the platform and make your next move as totakeke is there as your never ending companion.



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